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Our Why

A little bit more about us

We are a small business that knows just how hard it is to make your passion project a reality. We have been in business as digital nomads, over various continents, for the past 23 years. We love learning and growing every day.

Collaborating with a wide range of people and organisations is what we do best. We thrive when working with small businesses and charities towards a common goal of mutual success. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with others. 

Our Buy-One-Gift-One model is aimed at helping as many people as possible tell their stories. We currently work with Save The Chubby Unicorn and YWCA Christchurch on a #ProBono basis.

Our lead unicorn, Diane, has had a wonderfully diverse career so far. She has an endless passion for all things digital. Her creativity is inspired by the striking natural beauty, work-life-balance, diversity and resilience that is abundant in Canterbury, New Zealand.


We love receiving feedback

Diane showed enthusiasm, creativeness and execution with everything she was tasked with and our business has benefitted from her work.

Diane's enthusiasm and passion for digital marketing is obvious, and I'd thoroughly recommend her to any employer.

Diane is an extremely talented, professional Designer with creativity and flair that will hugely benefit any business  she works with. 

Chris Constanti

Nathan Moher

Andrew Massie

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